I’m a bassist. It seems I’m drawn to the bass clef. I play Acoustic  aka “stand-up” aka Double Bass (one last time; “it’s NOT a cello!”), and I play electric bass. I used to play Tuba. I sing bass / baritone. Still haven’t taken up bassoon, bass clarinet, or bari sax. But I love all instruments and even some difficult personalities if they play instruments well.

So Basso Bloggo is a place to talk about the bass. I’ve been doing it for a while. I may not be the best bassist in the world, but I’m not too bad even when I don’t practice (look out when I do…), and I know a lot about it and would love to share tips, new musical discoveries, and techie info with you. So jump on in and leave me a comment or two.  Tell me about the bassists you love, performances that inspired you, great recordings, and other sites worth visiting.

Bottoms up…. to eleven.

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  1. Hi, was thinking about playing again. Have not touched the instrument in years. I have wasted alot of time.(I play strictly electric) Have had some trouble finding a serious bass teacher. Only came across Ron Smith out of Stonybrook. What do you know about him if anything. Thanks! VINNY

  2. WCS 78-80.
    Trying to see if Faesal Contessa is still with us. Send me an email. I play bass too.: )
    Cool Blog.

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